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At Callinan & Wisecup Law Firm, we help you navigate Columbus and Ohio’s complex property damage laws, securing the compensation you deserve. With a strong record of success in Columbus-area automobile accident cases, we’re committed to protecting your rights.

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At Callinan & Wisecup Law Firm, our goal is to help you through this difficult time and secure the compensation you deserve. We have a track record of success in representing clients in automobile accident cases and are dedicated to protecting your rights.

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At Callinan & Wisecup, our Columbus-based team will gather evidence, consult witnesses, take photos, obtain your medical records, and negotiate with insurance adjusters on your behalf. We strongly advise against dealing with insurance companies alone. They often dispute or deny claims; a simple mistake could jeopardize your rightful recovery. Instead, contact Callinan & Wisecup’s Columbus team for free, confidential advice on your legal rights and options. We don’t charge any attorneys’ fees unless we win your case.

Most personal injury attorneys neglect their clients’ property damage. At Callinan & Wisecup, we believe in complete representation – from collision repair to rental reimbursement. We engage insurance companies at no extra cost, ensuring you receive the compensation you deserve.

The property repair and total loss process often allows insurance companies to set the tone. Don’t let them control your claim or shortchange your compensation. Hire an attorney who will fight for your vehicle property damage rights and prevent insurance exploitation.


In Columbus, after vehicle property damage, you have rights to control your vehicle repairs and demand a fair settlement. Your rights include:

  • Choice of repair shop
  • Independent repairs
  • Quality repairs
  • Fair value for your totaled car
  • Reasonable rental car

How Callinan & Wisecup in Columbus Can Assist You

Our team at Callinan & Wisecup in Columbus can provide essential support in the aftermath of property damage. We gather evidence from the accident scene, converse with any potential witnesses, secure your medical records, and liaise with insurance adjusters, all on your behalf.

Attempting to navigate the insurance landscape alone can often lead to more harm than good. Insurance adjusters may employ tactics to dispute or deny your claim, and a single misstep could jeopardize your chance at rightful compensation. Instead of facing this alone, allow our seasoned accident attorneys in Columbus to guide you. At Callinan & Wisecup, we prioritize your legal rights and options. Remember, we don’t charge attorneys’ fees unless we secure compensation for you, and we offer a completely free and confidential initial consultation.

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